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  3. cant sign in chat

    HI There, The chat system is separate please dm Bowser to sort this out for you.
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  5. cant sign in chat

    im signed up now for like 3 months for the website, but if i click on the chat says i have to verify myy email..i keep clicking and nothing...why is it everywhere i go im the damn bottom of the food chain, i feel like fish bait..and your website hates my guts....grrrrrrrrrrrrr
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  7. I do appreciate your willingness to join our cause tho! dont get me wrong on this!
  8. baaad idea! making things like this open source is asking for trouble!
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  10. Many of us have spare laptops, netbooks, etc lying around that do nothing but collect dust. Starting a project to donate the spare processing power of these devices to deeveear for call flooding would not only strengthen the cause, but also keep costs down. Thus, scarce resources can be redirected towards other areas. Initial Blueprint for the Project Customizable - Allow users to choose specifically how much resources they wish to dedicate towards the project Portable - Should work on Linux, Windows, MacOS Open - Source code should be released to the public Who Am I? My name is Luke. I have no intentions to code this project entirely on my own, nor do I have the skillset to. I just wanted to present this idea to the community in order to better the common goal of stopping these rats once and for all. References:
  11. 9 year old call floods a call center

    so hilarious
  12. Flat Earth Topic

    If the earth was flat you’d see a damn rectangle on the moon when a lunar eclipse happens. The earth is round
  13. Flat Earth Topic

    If the Earth is flat, why are there mountains then?! Duhhhhhh!!!
  14. Suggestion : Edit

    @Cartridge I've checked the settings and can see that it's locked for 5 minutes after post. I have removed this and editing is now unlimited after posting.
  15. hacking a scammers webcam!

    Join our discord, we always have new projects that can use some help
  16. Forums back online

  17. Forums back online

    thats great
  18. hacking a scammers webcam!

    Love what you are doing. Any way I can help? A lot of free time in my hands; 10+ years of programming knowledge currently working as a cyber eng.
  19. hacking a scammers webcam!
  20. Suggestion : Edit

  21. all in one

    To bad with all the smart ppl on here, discord, and youtube you couldn't all discord, youtube and this website as a all in one go to place..i have 3 windows up, no complaining here, but thought it was a cool suggestion to somehome combine them like with tabs within the website..i see you have the links but like how i have 3 tabs up on chrome for all 3, instead got to the website and be able to have 3 tabs up from there...maybe i sound stupid, because i'm not a tech wizard, nor a scambaiter just a fan, and listener but thought id suggest it, if its not already been done and i'm stupid and didn't know hehe....much love to all
  22. Suggestion : Edit

    ill ask alex if we can implement this! this should be possible in the first place!
  23. Scammers Computer Destroyed - Hacker Videos

    ill aim for even better quality from now on
  24. 9 year old call floods a call center

    I think scammers will think twice, knowing a 9-year-old can take them down!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA
  25. Scammers Computer Destroyed - Hacker Videos

    That is top-notch editing!!! Good work of it!!
  26. Scammers Computer Destroyed - Hacker Videos

    I am wondering what you guys think of my new editting?
  27. Suggestion : Edit

    Hello all! I couldn't help but notice that after 5-10 minutes, I cannot edit my post anymore. I wish to be able to edit it without a time limit. If my pictures go down or my links, I can't replace them. I have to add it as a reply. If I have updates to make to the forum post, I cannot. I would love to have the ability to edit. Thank you all! <3
  28. 9 year old call floods a call center cannot be embedded.
  29. Forums back online

  30. Forums back online

    nice one @Deeveeaar
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