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  1. Youtube Temp Location

    Hi All, You may have noticed that the Deeveeaar main channel has not been live streaming. This is due to the fact that our community is not only faced against Scammers but ex Deeveeaar members. The youtube site was reported for nudity content. We can confirm that at one point during a live stream a scammer loaded up a pornographic website. Deeveeaar's Team took down the stream along with the VOD as we do not aim to promote such content. In the meantime if you wish to continue to view the live stream content please visit the below location however the main channel will be restored back to live streaming as soon as possible. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KLMNVdXFh6Q Many thanks for your continued support and dedication to our channel!
  2. Food Menu Items

    Not too sure if i can trust i will get what i ordered
  3. Having Issues?

    Hi There, If your having issues with the site and would like help in getting this resolved. Please contact an Admin via Discord so that we can assist you in real time. I have recently changed how the Contact Us form proceeds as before support questions were left unanswered.
  4. Registration Issues

    Hi All, While hiding in the background i was able to migrate the site over to a new home before anyone noticing! Doing so i also noticed multiple errors with our mail system. Had a problem with the 3rd party before saying that the information was invalid however this is never the case. I have changed the system we are using to hopefully something somewhat more reliable. Apologies to those who couldn't register or may have been spammed recently with a bunch of validation emails. I had to purge the lot. Kind regards, HitmanAlex
  5. BAAP

    You FAP with your BAAP?
  6. Suggestion for !coins

    Hi T Momo, Thank you for the suggestion i'm not sure if this can be done but it will be looked into!
  7. Dedicated Diallers - Node Moved

    HI All, So to sum up the recent events with the diallers being moved, I am happy to state that this is completed. Now to share an insight into the new specs! Old Node: 20Ghz / 32GB Ram / 2TB Space / 1GBps Connection. New Node: 50Ghz / 64GB Ram / 6TB Space / 1GBps Connection. How about that for being beefy! It's like an all you can eat buffet! This will also mean the 24/7 Dialer and other Dialers have more power to chew on reducing the latency which can be caused when all dialers are being used. Dialer 24/7: 12Ghz Processing Power (4x3.1Ghz) 4GB Ram Other Dialers: 6.2Ghz Processing Power (2x3.1Ghz) 2GB Ram Happy baiting all!
  8. Dedicated Diallers - Host Issue

    Hi All, Recently the DVR 24/7 Dialler and Scam Calls 1 through to 3 was offline. OVH had experienced a massive outage in RBX and SBG Datacenters which caused the network link to drop. This would mean that no one was able to access the Host Node or the VM's/Diallers. The service has now been restored and the diallers are now able to be deployed again. I'll will be working on getting the scam diallers 1 -> 3 setup for public use soon and of course DVR 24/7 is dedicated to the Stream Team / Live Stream. On other notes i have successfully moved all diallers over to a stronger Node which has more CPU available this should reduce issues with calls and potentially lagging. However i will be looking into alternatives rather then using Teamviewer due to the high CPU utilization! Kind regards, Alex
  9. Website Update - PHP Upgrade

    Hi All, I have reviewed the site's performance and reviewed compatibility for the latest php version. Happy to say that the scripts we are running will work without issues therefore i have upped to the latest version of PHP and hopefully website response should now be improved.
  10. BAAP

    Hmm quotes are dark ill see if i can fix that
  11. BAAP

    Hmm quotes are dark ill see if i can fix that
  12. BAAP

    You enabled notifications
  13. BAAP