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  1. Food Menu Items

    This is a duplicate topic. Any way to merge?
  2. Earth is flat - discuss

    Have you been in space to confirm?
  3. Deeveeaar lives in the future

    Deeveeaar is John Connor.
  4. BAAP

    BAAP is a very strong work. Fyry is BAAP.
  5. Scambaiter in the making?

    Everyone in discord is super helpful. I was watching the channel for a few months, never used discord or baited outside of a few random calls I'd get. I'm with you, Windstalker; got hooked up with discord, tried out for the team and am now baiting away. How good does that feel? Tell me!
  6. There's a lot of evidence to support this claim. So much so, that any reasonable person may think twice when exposed to it. I'd love to discuss this if anyone bites.... M