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  1. I do appreciate your willingness to join our cause tho! dont get me wrong on this!
  2. baaad idea! making things like this open source is asking for trouble!
  3. hacking a scammers webcam!

    Join our discord, we always have new projects that can use some help
  4. hacking a scammers webcam!
  5. Suggestion : Edit

    ill ask alex if we can implement this! this should be possible in the first place!
  6. Scammers Computer Destroyed - Hacker Videos

    ill aim for even better quality from now on
  7. Scammers Computer Destroyed - Hacker Videos

    I am wondering what you guys think of my new editting?
  8. 9 year old call floods a call center
  9. Flat Earth Topic

    This is the place for the tinfoil hats who believe our planet is a pancake. Please discuss your silly ideas here, so we can laugh at them!
  10. Forums back online

    I am happy to announce ours forums are now back online as they where in 2017!!!!! Welcome everyone