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  1. Food Menu Items

    Sam Lock Salad.
  2. Scambaiter in the making?

    The best way to gain the experience is by joining the scam call channels in my discord, so you can learn in a "safe environment" where we dial etc for you, so you cant do much wrong etc. You can learn quick there, and eventually you can even audition to our team! That being said feel free to contact me on discord and i gladly help you myself when i have the time available.
  3. free pills from pharmacy

    After 2 weeks of autodialing this illegal pharmacy the guy coulnd't stand it anymore... His bussiness started to suffer cause of our efforts, to bad for him... We actually managed to get free medicines from this company, we have to get it tested to see if they are counterfeits or not. PART 2
  4. Can you recommend some PS4 games to play?

    prepare for queit a hard game, it has alot of replay value as u can play with other character builds, weapon styles etc. expect to die 100 times a hour. its really fun tho, great style of graphics too.
  5. Can you recommend some PS4 games to play?

    Dark souls 3 if you want a nice challenge =)
  6. Earth is Round! The End! Debate

    all you have to do to proof the earth is not flat is buy a waterbaloon and some form of recording device to record it. have fun flat earthers =)
  7. Earth is Round! The End! Debate

    I will bring this topic up to scammers soon on the livestream! Also all the things these theory claims can be put down real easily by having a understanding of physics and common sense. The problem with the flat earth theory is that all points they claim to "proof" the earth is flat, are way to easy to debunk. I have yet to hear a good argument regarding this conspiracy theory. So guys do your best and try to convince me on your tinfoil story ~deeveeaar
  8. radar scammers episode 2
  9. Raging at a scammer

  10. 500$ bet with a scammer

  11. Call Of Duty: WWII

    oh wow there is a new WW2 call of duty? might have to check this one out later, sadly i barely have time to play videogames, but this sounds cool!
  12. deeveeaars first IRS call

  13. Wannacry + Memz on same VM vs scammer

  14. Dedicated Diallers - Host Issue

    dialer army incoming once more =)