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  1. Support the stream: https://streamlabs.com/deeveeaar Fyry managed to get acces to the voicemail system of a CEO from a scam company. This scammer didnt have a password set up to his voicemail, so we changed it and set up a pin so he cant change the message anymore.
  2. Oh no Fyry has the hackers on his toaster while making pop tarts lol.
  3. This has got to be one of the racist Indian Tech Support Scammers i have come across. All he could do was yell Racist remarks at me and stupid insults. May well be because he is high as hell and claims that im the one who likes goats.
  4. One of my first live stream troll baits when i started scam baiting. I was happy when i found the recording to share with you all:)
  5. Support the stream: https://streamlabs.com/deeveeaar Me and Scammer Slammer TV Managed to enter a Microsoft Refund Scammers computer and dropped a ransom worm that got their whole network down. We called them afterwards and they admitted that this was the case. (second part coming soon!) These guys make your screen black and steal whole bank accounts, we caused them a nice setback to stop them for a little while from what they do... the number went down shortly afterwards. I bet they had to reinstall Windows on all their dirty scammer computers! Enjoy!
  6. Stream: https://streamlabs.com/deeveeaar A few days ago we called a psychic and to our suprise the fake creditcard went trough. (they didnt verify it we suspect) So they set us up with an account an 161 dllar balance, and for the first time ever we managed to get trough the custommer support and into the actual psychic. We wanted to know what kind of things they would tell us etc. Obviously it was a shit load of bullshit that anyone could tell you. enjoy! Support The
  7. Support the stream: https://streamlabs.com/deeveeaar These Microsoft refund scammers become very angry after we syskeyed there computer. We prevented them from connecting to victims computers and stealing even more money an information. At the same time we done this we managed to get information to inform potential victims and warn them that they may of been scammed. Please not most of the footage is hidden due to being live streamed at the time. This was to prevent victims details being leaked live. Make sure to check the next upload where Jim Browning talks to some of these victims.
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  9. What Games Do You Play ?

    Quake Champions GTA 5
  10. What Games Do You Play ?

    What games do you like to play on the pc and why ?
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    good boy
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